Saturday, May 30, 2009

My First Quilt

As some of you already know, I'm currently 5 months pregnant. Now that I'm over the icky, sicky first trimester, I've had a fabulous surge in energy and gumption! It's been a welcome change.

As my husband and I start to delve into the world of "baby stuff", it's becoming more and more apparent that there is only a teeny-tiny fraction of all the baby gizmos, gadgets, decor, and general tom-foolery in this world that actually appeal to us and/or seem useful. So we've been brainstorming all the fun things we can make ourselves at home from our personal stash of craft supplies and fabric.

darling quilt by onegirl

I spotted a beautiful baby quilt by onegirl on the LMNOP blog the other day and was instantly inspired! Granted, I've never attempted a quilt before, but once I get a hare-brained idea lodged into my mind, it usually doesn't ease up until I've either accomplished my task or proven to myself that it's out of my league. So Thursday afternoon I went to a bookstore and bought a lovely how-to book of baby quilts (with a welcome laid-back, less severe approach than most of the quilting books available) and jumped right in. (I used the pattern on page 45, with some of my own moderate adaptions.)

I ransacked my fabric stash and found some pretty fabrics, but promptly decided I needed a bit more (you can never have too much fabric, right?!), so I popped over to this amazing quilt shop just a few minutes from my house and bought a few basic supplies and some fabric.

Three lovely days later, I've got a finished project! It was so invigorating to immerse myself in a project, that I could barely tear myself away for even a minute. I even worked in bed for about an hour last night after getting back from a movie, furiously embroidering until my eyes just wouldn't stay open anymore.

I couldn't be happier with it! Sure, it's got some minor flaws and I definitely will do things a bit different on my next attempt, but overall it's just so exciting to have persevered and made something beautiful for our little baby-to-be!



detail of quilted circles on the back

I'm already dreaming up new quilt ideas and want to make one for every baby I know--Besides, then I have a proper excuse to go buy more delicious fabric...


Mrs. Flor said...

Absolutely beautiful. Quilting is something I find fascinating...but I'm too chicken to ever try it. Maybe one day. :) Sad I won't get to see you next week, but I know Pat's looking forward to visiting with all of you!

Mrs. Flor said...

Ha - I've set up a blog for my students and forgot that it would show up as "Mrs. Flor." Too funny!

Kayleigh said...

Ah, it's beautiful! I can't wait to see pictures of a little baby playing on it!

Andi said...

erika- so beautiful. i'm impressed!

tracy mitchell said...

that is so cute! and i love that you finished it so quickly! i've been (not) working on a crocheted afghan since the winter. and you're done in three days. it's wonderful!

Laura said...

I can't believe it only took you three days! You are amazing!

lola said...

This is great! I was wondering when the crafting for baby would begin. This kid is gonna have some cool stuff!

Dana and Tonya said...

look at you! the quilt is FABULOUS.