Sunday, February 28, 2010

Spring is in the Hair

The weather is getting warmer every day and the ground is bursting with new life! It's time to get yourself some happy, sunny accessories to match the change in the weather, don't you think?

I got such a nice response to my fabric flower brooches and headbands at the last Handmade Revolution show that I got all inspired and have made some new ones! I've been tweaking the design a bit and am quite happy with the results.

Many of them will be available on my etsy shop this this week. (Hopefully I can post a few tomorrow while my little guy is napping!) I'm happy to make custom orders if there is a certain color/size you'd like to request. Just leave me a note in the comments section and I'll get in touch!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Latest and Greatest Creation

So it's been a bit quiet here at The Tilted Tulip as of late, eh? (Crickets chirping...) I've got a proper excuse indeed.

Meet Felix:

[month 1]

[month 2]

[month 3]

[month 4]

[month 5]

Born September 27th, 2009, he is already 5 months old! Gee Whiz, time flies!

Anywho, thought I should introduce you all to the little goober, as he's a very important part of my life these days. I'm slowly getting back into crafting and, boy, does it feel good to get those creative juices flowing again! I'm hoping to keep things a bit livelier around these parts now that I'm starting to get a handle on this "mommy" business. It's a mighty tricky balance, though.

In the meantime, check out my on-going project over at The Handmade Revolution. It's a stellar group of 8-ish women and we host regular trunk shows throughout the year. The next show is April 24th and I'm super excited about the new designs I'm working on. I'll try to give you some sneak peaks over the next few weeks. With any luck, I'll have some new items for sale in my handmade etsy shop this week (granted the little guy keeps taking consistent naps!).