Friday, September 25, 2009

Freshly Tilted

I'm in a bit of a posting frenzy these days, as my vintage stash has gotten a wee bit overwhelming as of late, not to mention I'm only days away from giving birth to our first child (well, let's hope it's only days). With some helpful nudging from my dear husband, it's become clear that we need to swap out the vintage goodies to make a bit of room for the new little one.

So, I'm doing my darndest to post everything I've got in the next few days in hopes that all you vintage-lovin' folks might find something that catches your eye! I'm even parting with many items that have been in my personal collection for years. It's time to give my treasures a new home! If you see anything you can't live with out, but perhaps the price doesn't strike your fancy, please contact me. I'm open to wheelin' and dealin'! Let's get this stuff cleared out, folks!

New in the shop today:

[Click on any photo to take you directly to the item]

Happy Shopping!

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