Monday, March 30, 2009

Question & Answer

This weekend my "Beautiful Thing #4" was a collaboration with my lovely husband. For some time now he's been working on a visual Exploration of the Western Shorter Catechism. A mighty undertaking, I assure you. So this weekend he asked for my assistance and I was happy to oblige--I love working on projects with him!

We spent much of Saturday afternoon holed up next-to and inside-of a culvert in a local canyon, wiring twigs and branches, scouring for plant debris, getting funny looks from passerbys, and generally having an all-around good time. For as often as we talk about creating potential works of "installation art," it was nice to actually get out and do it! It was a small project in scope, but very satisfying none-the-less.

Some photos of our work in progress:

And the final result (with Matt's graphic finessing):

To see more of Matt's Catechism Project, click here.

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