Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Checkered Lady Bugs

photo by Clever Nettle

Inspired by these lovely photos over at Clever Nettle (who has a great etsy store, btw),  I decided to post my outfit for today.  I'm nowhere near as charming as that darling girl, but I felt inspired none-the-less.  At least I'm from Kansas....I've got that going for me.  

I've been meaning to join the flickr group Wardrobe_Remix for ages now, but just haven't.  I think that day has come.  I'll start by posting my looks here on The Tilted Tulip.  This skirt that I'm wearing is one of my all-time favorite thrift store finds.  I bought it back in highschool to wear in the musical Grease.  I was Frenchie.  I wasn't very good.  It brings back funny memories to think of those days...

Tank: H&M
Skirt: Goodwill
Shoes:  Old Navy
Earrings:  The Tilted Tulip
Bag:  Gift from NYC


anja louise verdugo said...

The hooded dress is my favorite of the bunch too!

The Tilted Tulip said...

I know! It's so lovely...