Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Crafty Inspiration

Just like during college when the weekend actually started on Thurdsay, I find this to be true in the world of garage and estate sales, as well.  Although items tend to be the priciest on Thursdays, that's when you find the best stuff before it gets picked over.  Usually I find my self the youngest soul by 30-odd years or so, pillaging the mountains of stuff along with a handful of the gray-haired population.  This last week I happened upon two sales that were mostly stocked with craft supplies and fabric (my favorite kind of sale!!!).  I added to my growing collection of craft/sewing books and I just had to share my findings:
"Sewing Book" by Better Homes & Gardens

[Tucked in the back sleeve of this book were a handful of newspaper clippings detailing different "trendy" styles and how-to's on recreating the look.]

"Paternless Fashions" by Diehl Lewis & May Loh

"Let Yourself Sew" by Simplicity

"Bargello, An Explosion of Color" by Margaret Boyles

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copperseal said...

nice finds! i'd be reading them for hours on end!