Monday, October 20, 2008

Sassy Suitcase

Oh my! Oh my! Oh my!  At long last, the pony express dropped off my long awaited cargo!  A few weeks ago I ordered a vintage floral tapestry suitcase from CorkSpork on Etsy and it finally arrived to my glee and delight.  It's just perfect!  (I would apologize for all the exclamation points I'm inflicting on you, but I'm just too excited to care!!!)

Oh my, I can hardly wait for my next trip so that I can take this sweet vintage gem as a carry-on!  In the meantime I think I'll use it as my laptop bag.  Gives me a proper excuse to go to a coffeeshop, just so I can show-off my newest friend!  (Ok, y'all are gonna think I'm a lonely hermit by the way I talk about all my "stuff" as my friends and never actually mention my real-live human friends.  First it was Miss Betty Draper and now Mr Cary Grant Carry-On... but I just can't help it!  These vintage goodies make me grin!  I do have human friends...I promise.)

And to top it all off, the lovely CorkSpork included an extra little blue n' orange bag she had lying around.  CorkSpork, you're the best!  Thanks again!


LauraLunch said...

"Mr Cary Grant Carry-On"...Brilliant.

The Tilted Tulip said...

Ha! Thanks Laura. This is what I do with my time now -- Give everything I own a movie star name.

copperseal said...

mr. cary grant carry-on is not only brilliant but just too cute!! i wish i could take him with me on my travels. awesome floral print, btw :)