Saturday, October 18, 2008

Meet Betty Draper

I've been scouring craigslist and ebay in vain for sometime now hoping to find a ridiculously cheap dress form.  At a garage sale yesterday morning, I found a vintage dress form, (adjustable no less!), for a mere $15.  Yippee!  

Sadly this dress form had seen better days, but that didn't stop me.  After a quick trip to the paint store and the craft store, I was ready to get down to business fixing up my new best friend.  Using some old vintage fabric I'd had for ages, plenty of hot glue gun action, and lots of elbow grease, I was able to transform this rugged dimaond into a sparkling gem!

Folks, I'd like to introduce you to Miss Betty Draper:

I know we're going to be very happy together...

PS For those of you not familiar with the show MAD MEN (it's only the BEST show on television right now--Holy Moley I love it SOOO much!), "Betty Draper" is the wife of the main character and is the quintessential 60s housewife.  


copperseal said...

how adorable! i just love what you did with her!

matt kirkland said...

Oh, plus you DRAPE things on her, right? Awesome.

amylew said...

Wow - I'm so glad you finally found a dress form!!! She looks so good & you did a really great job!

Guess what I happen to be watching while I was reading your blog entry - Mad Men! Crazy! This is only the 2nd show I've seen.

Melanie said...
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